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What Is the Best Brand of Pickleball Paddle? Our Top 7 Picks

Are you thinking about buying a new pickleball paddle? Do you want to know the best brand of pickleball paddle? Well, that’s not as simple as it seems, considering how many pickleball paddle manufacturers there are. 

Therefore, we curated this list of the best brands of pickleball paddles. You can find essential information about these brands, their innovative technologies, paddle types, and other significant factors that make them the best brands.

Keep reading to know what the best brand of pickleball paddle is that you can trust.

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The Best Brands Of Pickleball Paddle

Here is the list of the top pickleball paddle brands.

1. Selkirk

Selkirk is a family business with the motto ‘We are Pickleball.’ It started in 2014 and soon became the top pickleball brand. Since then, it has been using modern technology and innovation to provide affordable, durable, and balanced paddles.

In its line of paddles, you can find graphite paddles with a big sweet spot, various shapes, and designs. With advanced technology, Selkirk created fiberglass paddles with and without edge guards. Its fiber flex and carbon face paddles, with polypropylene core, are also famous.

Selkirk paddles come in many shapes, sizes, and handle variations to provide power and control. They are the best for thirds shot drop and put-away shots.

With innovative new technologies, Selkirk launched Selkirk labs 003, Vanguard Power air, and Amped. The edgeless technology and super core provide ultimate speed, spin, power, and control. 

Selkirk provides a warranty for cracks or other manufacturing issues. Also, their customer service, with prompt replies and helpful guidelines, makes them incredible.

2. Gearbox

Gearbox was founded in California by Raphael Filippini in 2007. The Gearbox was famous for its high-quality racquets. In recent years, it started making paddles and become one of the best brands in the market. With the use of modern technology and 25 years of experience in the composite industry, it creates paddles for every player. 

Their motto is, ‘Future is limitless,’ with this thought, it doesn’t intend to stop exploring new technologies. Gearbox paddles are highly durable and robust.

All its paddles have no edge guard (ideal for those who are tired of fixing broken edge guards) and are USAPA-approved. The Gearbox provides paddles for control, spin, and power, which meets the needs of all players.

It uses single-piece construction technology which uses carbon fiber and internally pressurizes the mold. This technique makes the paddles solid and durable. 

Gearbox provides a 1-year warranty for all its paddles. You can return it in case of some faults. They also have very active and responsive customer service. If you’re considering buying Gearbox paddles, we would recommend checking out Gearbox GX5.

3. Paddletek

Paddletek started as a small family business in 2010. Now it is the largest producer of pickleball paddles in the USA. You can see Paddletek paddles in the hands of many great players. 

It has a mission to help you reach the next level of play. It is the pioneer of honeycomb core, which many brands are using now in their paddles. To provide a paddle that meets every player’s needs, it used techniques like – Smart Response Technology.

Paddletek paddles are constructed with ProPolyCore, giving players a consistent sweet spot. Even after playing for years, players don’t have to worry about the dead spots. Paddletek also claims that its paddles are suitable for vibration control. Therefore, it is the best option to reduce the risk of wrist injury among players.

Paddletek gives five years guarantee against dead spots in its paddles. They also offer a limited lifetime performance warranty on manufacturing default. You can email or call them, and they will respond profoundly.

4. Head

Another name for the best pickleball paddle is Head. After earning a name in ski and racquet, it launched a series of pickleball paddles in 2017.  

It has launched eight pickleball paddles, four with fiberglass surface and four with graphite.

Head uses OTC (Optimized Tubular Construction) polypropylene honeycomb to make a balanced paddle with equally spread weight. Most of Head’s paddles are heavy, as it believes extra weight provides power and control. 

Most players like the extreme spin texture and comfortable grip system of Head paddles. With Head, it’s all about how much you are ready to spend. You will get an Ergo grip and extreme Textured Spin for expensive head paddles.

You can contact its customer service through email. They will reach back to you with every possible solution.

5. Onix

Onix is a brand that solely focuses on Pickleball equipment. It has been in the market since 2005. In this short time, you might have seen Onix paddle in the hands of professionals, intermediate and recreational players. 

What makes it stand out is the modern and improved technologies it uses to make paddles. It is concerned about the needs of its players and delivers what the players demand. So, the players and Onix engineers collaborate to create the paddles that bring victory.

Onix has the paddles for power and control with true flight and bounce. It uses Nomex and Polypropylene core, graphite, and composite faces for durability and a responsive feel. Most Onix paddles have a classic shape, so you get a big-hitting surface and sweet spot.

Onix paddles are available at a very reasonable price. Their customer support helps you with any issue. You can check out our review of the Onix Evoke Pro paddle if you’re looking to improve your game.

6. Prolite

Prolite paddles have a history dating back to 1984. Arlen Paranto introduced the first composite paddle.

After all these years, Prolite is still among the best manufacturers of pickleball paddles. It uses different styles and technologies for its various series. But innovation, power, and control are shared among all paddles. 

Unlike many other manufacturers, Prolite believes in the consistency of weight and effectiveness. So it uses more forgiving fiberglass, allowing players to have touch and control. Prolite uses Hyperweave Carbon Fiber, a three-layer carbon that gives paddles a thick core. This balances the power and control, increases durability, and absorbs the vibration.

The best part is that they have paddles according to the player’s background. Therefore, tennis, ping-pong, or badminton players can find a suitable paddle with Prolite.

They have stellar customer service ready to help. Prolite also provides its buyers with a 1-year manufacturer-limited warranty on all paddles. 

7. Gamma

Gamma was founded in 1974 when an avid tennis player, Dr. Harry Ferrari, set out to make a better tennis string. He succeeded and made Gamma Gut–the number one string for tennis.

In 2014, the company stepped into manufacturing pickleball equipment. With modern technology and deep knowledge of composite, it started making paddles that fit every player.

Gamma desires to meet the player’s growing needs with its latest and modern paddles. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, want power or control, or prefer a heavy or light paddle, you will get it all with Gamma.

Gamma offers a free replacement or repair if you find a faulty paddle. Also, you can return the paddle within 30 days. For more details, you can contact Gamma customer support. 

The Bottom Line

We enlisted the seven best brands of pickleball paddles. Therefore, you don’t need to know how many pickleball paddle manufacturers are in the market. You can consider the above-mentioned brands when in the market for a new paddle.

These brands are your safest and best option if you want bang for your buck. In case of an issue, they provide good warranties and return policies. Most importantly, you get a variety of paddles to choose from.

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