What is the Best Weight For a Pickleball Paddle?

Weight is the first factor to consider when choosing a pickleball paddle. If you can’t decide what the best weight is for your pickleball paddle, don’t worry.

You are in the right place as this article discusses the ideal weight of pickleball paddles. We’ll suggest the ideal weights based on playing style, experience, strength, etc.

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What is the Best Weight For a Pickleball Paddle?

There is no definite answer to this question. The best weight for a pickleball paddle depends from person to person. Usually, pickleball paddles come in 3 weights categories, and each of these has its own pros and cons. Some players like heavy pickleball paddles as they offer more power, while others, who prefer finesse, go for lighter ones.

Usually, pickleball paddles under 7.3 ounces are considered lightweight. Heavy paddles weigh 8.3 ounces or more. The paddles between 7.3-8.3 ounces fall in the medium-weight category.

However, you can also increase the weight of your pickleball paddle slightly by using lead tape. To learn how to do so, you can read our guide on adding weight to a pickleball paddle.

Does Paddle Weight Matter?

Most professional players agree that the weight of the paddle has a great impact on your play The weight of the paddle affects your play and arms and determines how long can you play pickleball. If you choose a weight that doesn’t suit you, you might also encounter injuries or health issues.

Pickleball Paddle Weight: Performance, Speed & Comfort

Let’s compare the pickleball paddles according to their weight and look at the pros and cons of each. We will be comparing these weight categories according to their comfort, performance, and speed.

Lightweight Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball is the game of control and accurate shots placement which requires skill, flexibility, and speed.

If you are looking for a pickleball paddle that allows you to improve your control, then lightweight pickleball paddles are perfect for you. The lightweight paddle allows you to swing them easily and practice for long hours. Furthermore, lightweight paddles are easy to use and feel very comfortable.

But the lightweight also means that you’ll need to apply more power from your arms to hit the ball. This can cause extra stress on your elbows and shoulders.

Pickleball paddles under 7.3 ounces are considered lightweight. These lightweight paddles are specially designed for those players who love control and want to increase their reflexes. So if you like to play dinks or drop shots, lightweight pickleball paddles are ideal for you.


  • Preferred for dink lovers
  • Helps to control the ball
  • Improves the reflexes of the player
  • Less stress


  • Difficult to play power shots
  • Harder to play long shots

Mid-Weight Pickleball Paddle

If you are looking for a pickleball paddle that provides both power and control, then mid-weight paddles are for you. Mid-Weight pickleball paddles usually weigh from 7.3 to 8.3 ounces.
Lightweight paddles require force to smash the ball hard, but mid-weight paddles make it easier to increase the power of your shots.

Mid-weight paddles may weigh heavier than lighter ones, but they don’t put a strain on your arms.

So players with tennis elbows should prefer the mid-weight paddles. If you are a previous tennis player, a mid-weight paddle is again a better choice.


  • Provides power and maneuverability
  • Ideal for players with tennis elbow
  • Less power required to play shots


  • Doesn’t provide as much control as a lightweight paddle

Heavy Weight Pickleball Paddle

Heavyweight paddles weigh 8.3 ounces or more. These paddles are made for those players who love to play power shots. If you prefer power over control and technique, then heavier paddles will be best for you.

But beware that if you have an elbow injury, a heavy pickleball paddle might make it worse. At first, a heavyweight paddle might seem comfortable to you, but it adds weight to your arm and affect it in the long run.


  • Helps in power shots
  • Easier to play deeper shots


  • Might cause pain in your elbows

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have discussed what the best weight for a pickleball paddle is. The heavy pickleball paddles do provide a lot of power but make it difficult to control the ball. On the other hand, you can swing the lighter paddles easily, but you’ll find it tough to play power shots.

Now that you know the difference between lightweight, midweight, and heavy pickleball paddles, it’s completely up to you to choose which you should go for. In the end, it all depends on your comfort, experience, and playing style.

If you are still confused, we’d advise you to pick a mid-weight pickleball paddle, as it provides the perfect balance between power and control and doesn’t cause stress or pain. However, weight is only one of the considerations when selecting a paddle. Read our detailed buying guide to learn everything about choosing pickleball paddles.

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