how much does a pickleball paddle cost

How Much Does a Pickleball Paddle Cost?

Once you decide to play pickleball, the first thing you are going to need is a paddle. And every beginner pickleball player wants to know: How much does a pickleball paddle cost?

So, this article will help you find out how materials and technologies affect the price of pickleball paddles. If you want to know how much it costs and what variations there are, keep reading.

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How Much Does a Pickleball Paddle Cost?

Pickleball paddles generally cost between $15 to $200, depending on material. You can get a wooden paddle, ranging from $15 to $40. Then there are composite paddles that cost between $50 to $200. While the high-end paddle, graphite paddles are generally between $80 to $200.

With so much variation in prices, almost anyone who wants to start playing can find something budget-friendly. The main cause of such variation is the material. Over the years, with the growth of the pickleball game, many new materials have been introduced into the market. These materials give paddles some distinguishing characteristics.

Then, there is modern technology and innovations to make the best paddles. The shape, weight, sweet spot, and thickness of the paddle matter to determine the price.

Thus, you will find many variations in the price of the pickleball paddles.

Pickleball Paddle Price Depends On The Materials

The very basic paddles were simple and made of wood. But with the popularity of pickleball, manufacturers have introduced some new materials. These materials have characteristics that match the needs of the players. Therefore, the price of paddles increases depending on the material cost. Although we’ve discussed the material of pickleball paddles in detail, here’s a brief comparison between them.


Graphite paddles are the most expensive ones. They are lightweight and durable, allowing players to continue playing for hours. Their prices vary from around $80 to $200.


Composite paddles are strong and have a surface ideal for spinning. Moreover, these paddles give power to the players. They are lighter than wooden paddles, but heavier than Graphite.


Wooden is the basic material and cheapest also. It has been used for decades, and still, many beginners prefer to use it. As they are very affordable, wooden paddles are good for absolute beginners or schools.

How Do Brands Affect The Price?

You may ask why different brands have so much price variation, even when the materials are the same.

First, brands put a lot of effort and spend a ton of money to experiment and make the suitable paddle you need. They may put some extra effort into providing a bigger sweet spot or spin for the players. Similarly, many brands have introduced paddles that control vibration and reduce popping noise.

Second, You pay them more for the trust they have gained. You know that a purchase from a well-known and trusty brand, even if expensive, is worth the money.

Modern Technology Causes Price Variation

How much a pickleball paddle costs depend on modern technology also. With more and more players enjoying this game, they have different needs and demands.

You may want a paddle with more spin or a sweet spot. Some other players can desire to have a quieter paddle or a paddle with more power or control. The list of demands and needs is long. With the help of modern technology, manufacturers can meet these needs.

The latest technology and new experiments cost money. Therefore, the prices of paddles keep going higher and higher with every innovation.

You can read more about why pickleball paddles are expensive here.

Some Most Expensive Pickleball Paddles

Unlike many other sports, you don’t have to spend thousands to get started with playing pickleball. However, even in pickleball, some paddles can be considered costly compared to others. Some of the most pricey paddles cost around $200, with the most expensive pickleball paddle being $333.

  • Selkirk Labs 001
  • Paddletek Tempest Wave pro
  • Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle
  • Joola Ben Johns hyperon CFS 16

Are Expensive Pickleball Paddles Worth It?

A controversial question that keeps popping up around us: are expensive paddles worth the hype? Well, we don’t have a black-and-white answer for this.

Concerning the cost of a paddle, it is a matter of personal preference. Some players are willing to pay extra to get the best results. They trust the big brands and don’t compromise on the slightest edge they might get with an expensive paddle. It can be a bigger sweet spot or an extra spin.

On the other hand, many believe that the paddle price does not matter, but what matters is how good of a player you are. Many players either don’t want to spend much on paddles or are new to the game.

Moreover, the pickleball paddle is a very fast-paced game. You may lose a game if you are slightly slow or not in control of your paddle. Which, to be honest, no sportsperson wants. That is why professional and serious players prefer to spend more and buy the latest paddles.

With the extra money, you get high quality and durability. However, pricey paddles don’t always dictate the quality of your game.

The Bottom Line

Finally, we want you to understand that no expensive or cheap paddle can compete with practice and hard work. Yet, if a costly paddle can help you hone your skills even a bit, get it.

How much does a paddle cost depend on how much you can pay? Check your budget and find something amazing for your skills.

Don’t play with your health and safety; go for the paddles with new inventions and technologies if you can afford them.

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