JoncAye Cyclone Paddle: Affordable Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

Looking for an affordable set of pickleball paddles that offer good value for your money? Below, we review JoncAye Cyclone paddles and help you determine if they are for you.

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JoncAye Cyclone Review

JoncAye Cyclone isn’t an expensive, high-end paddle that seasoned players should have. Instead, it’s a beginner-friendly paddle who want to try the game of pickleball without spending a fortune.

Made for newer players, it has a wide body, which offers better precision and reliability. The paddle has a composite face. Thanks to its comfortable grip and its medium weight, it doesn’t put much strain on your arms.

A few users reported that the paddle surface was quite slippery, which makes it quite difficult to add spin to your shots. Also, being on the lower end of the price spectrum, they don’t have super-long lives.

It comes as a complete set (which includes 2 paddles, outdoor balls, indoor balls, grip replacements each, and a bag), so if you’ve just started playing pickleball, this is indeed a good option to consider.

The ball-retrieving stickers that come with the set might not seem like a huge feature. But older pickleball players will certainly understand how great that can be for your back.

Though the paddle is USAPA-approved, we really don’t recommend a beginner-level paddle to those participating in tournaments. If you’re one of those, check out these best pickleball paddles for advanced players.

To sum up, if you’ve just started pickleball, it’s better to purchase JoncAye Cyclone rather than wooden paddles. These are not so pricey, come as a complete kit, and are certainly an upgrade over the wooden paddles. Likewise, these are great for schools, community centers, or kids.

However, if you aren’t going for JoncAye Cyclone (perhaps because of its flimsiness), you can check out the other budget pickleball paddles.

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