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Do Pickleball Paddles Wear Out? How Long Do They Last?

Wondering if pickleball paddles wear out? Or if you can use your favorite paddle forever? This article will answer all your questions about wearing out and lifespan of pickleball paddles. We’ll also share some tips to prolong their lives. So let’s begin.

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Do Pickleball Paddles Wear Out?

Yes, pickleball paddles do wear out, just like everything else in this world. It can be due to excessive use, harsh conditions, mishandling, or accident. However, sometimes paddles just reach their limit and can’t be used any further. That’s the time to get yourself a new paddle.

The only way to keep your paddles safe forever is by not using them. However, if you are playing with them, wear and tear is a natural process.

How Do You Know When a Pickleball PaddleI Is Worn Out?

You can tell if your pickleball paddle is worn out by the looks of it. However, there are other ways of telling when a pickleball paddle needs to be replaced.

1. Notice the Sound

Some paddles have loud and popping sounds, while others have dull sounds. However, they all have a hollow ring when the ball hits the sweet spot. If the sweet spot at your paddle sounds different than when it was new, it indicates that your paddle is dead.

2. Feel of the Paddle

New paddles are very responsive. The center or the sweet spot of the paddle quickly bounces the ball with a loud pop. Yet, with a dying paddle, you can feel the loss of power and efficiency.

3.Paddle Appearance

If you examine the pickleball paddle and see some dents and press marks on the surface. That indicates that the core has been damaged due to continuous hits of the ball. These dips on the paddle face indicate that you need to change the paddles.

Similarly, the paddle handle and edge guard can also break. And if your paddle has broken, here’s how to fix a broken pickleball paddle.

Why Do Some Pickleball Paddles Wear Out Faster Than The Others?

There are quite a few reasons for some pickleball paddles wearing out faster than others. For example, some of you might be playing every day with the same paddle, causing it to wear out and lose its accuracy and power.

Some players show excitement by clinking their paddles, which can dent the paddle. Hitting the paddle on the hard surface to lift the ball or expressing anger by hitting it on the surface causes dead spots on the paddle’s face.

Moreover, other factors like the quality of the paddle and the playing style of players affect the wearing out of pickleball paddles.

How Long Should A Pickleball Paddle Last?

The average lifespan of a pickleball paddle is around 1-5 years, depending on the quality, your usage, and playing style. If you play pickleball occasionally and take proper care of your paddle, it may last longer. However, most professionals prefer to change their paddle every 4-5 months, as a dead paddle can cost them their game.

Aggressive and professional players with more power hits need a new paddle quicker than the mediocre or recreational players who prefer friendly matches.

Mainly, how long your pickleball is going to last depends on every individual. If you take care of your paddle, clean it and store it properly, it will last long.

The material used to make the paddle also determines if it can be used for longer or not. Plastic and aluminum paddles will not last long as compared to fiberglass and carbon.

The paddles start to wear out after a year or so, though it doesn’t get completely dead. So you can either continue with your paddle until it gets dead or changes paddles frequently to get better hits and a big sweet spot.

How To Increase The Life Of Your Pickleball Paddles and Prevent it From Wearing Out?

You can increase the life of your favorite paddles by following these simple steps.

1. Keep It Clean

Cleaning should not involve dumping the paddle into the water. Slightly damp microfiber or towel and remove the dirt from the paddle. You can use glass cleaner to clean. Just don’t leave it wet and dry the paddle before keeping it in its cover. For a step-by-step guide, you can check our article on how to clean a pickleball paddle.

Don’t worry about the fading graphics. It happens due to the vigorous and continued use of a paddle.

2. Save From Extreme Weather

After finishing the game, many people throw the paddle at the back seat or trunk of their car and forget it. This can decrease the life of your paddles. It’s best to keep them in paddle cover and protect from extreme conditions.

Harsh weather shortens the paddling life. Severe heat expands and loosens the surface and core of the paddle, causing delamination. On the other hand, keeping it open in the cold will contract the core, which will cause crakes and breakdown.

3. Take Care Of The Grip

If your handle is slippery and has lost grip. It won’t be easy to hit the sweet spot and score. Therefore, after the game, clean the grip handle to remove sweat. If your paddle grip is not cushioned and tacky, it’s time to change it. You can replace the grip at home without much effort.

4. Avoid Hitting Hard Surface

If your paddle hits a hard surface like the ground or fence, it can damage it. You can also use edge guards if you fear hitting the ground.

The Bottom Line

You can still play with a little broken and dented paddle. However, if you feel like losing control of the ball and the paddle becomes less responsive, it is time to replace your pickleball paddle.
A worn out paddle might be a sign of how serious you are in your game. Always opt for high-quality paddle materials, so you can keep using them for a long time. If you are confused in choosing a paddle, you can read our paddle buying guide.

If you’re not sure which paddle you should buy to replace your previous one, this pickleball paddle buying guide can help you.

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