Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle Review

Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle Review: Worth The Money?

Pickleball players surely know the difference a good pickleball paddle can make in their gaming experience and performance. Head Radical Pro Pickleball paddle is one such paddle that helps you upgrade your pickleball skills and take your game to the next level.

Designed by one of the leading pickleball companies, Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle is unique due to its exceptional features and fantastic playing experience. But what exactly makes the Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle stand out from other pickleball paddles?

In this Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle review, we have highlighted all the great features that make this paddle one of the best. Moreover, to give you a better insight, we’ve also included a few genuine shortcomings of this paddle that make it less popular among some players.

We’ve also added reviews of actual users and expert opinions regarding the Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle. This will help you decide wisely when buying your next pickleball paddle.

With that said, let’s roll in!

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Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle Review

HEAD Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle

As evident from the name, Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle is a top-notch power paddle that is produced using the latest technology. This is an ultimate power paddle that is better suited for intermediate to advanced-level players. Head Radical Pro is the perfect paddle for players seeking to deliver power shots while enjoying a comfortable grip.

This paddle features a fiberglass-hitting surface combined with Extreme Spin Technology, which gives an excellent feel on every shot.

The dynamic power shape makes sure this paddle offers ample sweet spot to easily tackle difficult shots. The textured hitting surface allows players to deliver shots with perfect control.

In addition to the comfortable grip, this paddle is not too heavy and players can enjoy long sessions without tiring their muscles.

Moreover, the Head Radical Pro pickleball paddle comes in a vibrant color that is sure to steal looks on the court.

In short, all these amazing features offered at an unbelievably affordable price make Head Radical Pro one of the best pickleball paddles.

However, one user complained that Head radical Pro is not particularly useful when handling softer shots and dinks.

Notable Features Of Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle

Head Radical Pro Pickleball paddle has exceptional features that make it a top choice among pro players. Read on to find out all about the amazing qualities that make this paddle truly unique.

Optimized Tubular Core

The tubular construction of this polypropylene honeycomb core has been perfectly optimized by the engineers at Head. This feature allows the players to enjoy a remarkable feel and sound on every hit. Moreover, this makes Head radical Pro suitable for players of all levels.

Face Shape

One of the unique features of the Head Radical Pro Paddle is its dynamic power shape. This shape has been specifically designed to deliver power shots.

Moreover, the face features a 16″ length and 8.5″ width that offers a large sweet spot and better shot placement than other paddles. Players looking for paddles with more reach should definitely look into this paddle.

Textured Surface

Head Radical Pro is designed with an Extreme Spin textured hitting surface. This enables players to have better control over their shots and increased spin. Also, the fiberglass finish allows an excellent feel and powerful delivery of shots.

However, according to the reviews of some players, the control offered by this paddle is not as great as promised by the company.

Grip Control

Probably the best feature of the Head Radical Pro Pickleball paddle is the comfort grip system. The designers of this paddle have specially incorporated PU material into the Ergo grip. This has created a handle that is not only soft and comfortable to hold, but also dampens vibrations.

Moreover, the handle circumference measure 4 1/8 inch, which is perfect for players with small hands. This might be a problem for players with bigger athletic hands

Pickleball players who want to practice for long durations without suffering from muscle fatigue should definitely consider this paddle.

Middle Weight

Head Radical Pro Pickleball paddle weighs around 8 oz and is considered middleweight. This combined with the comfortable grip allows players to play long matches tirelessly. Players who want better maneuverability without compromising on power should consider this paddle.

However, one user complained that this 8 oz paddle felt slightly heavy while playing, and he needed to make an extra effort to deliver shots.

USAPA Approved

Usapa approved

Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle is USAPA-approved, which means it can be used in international matches and tournaments.

Overview of Head

Head was launched in 1960 and initially manufactured ski equipment and tennis racquets. Over the years, they revolutionized and started making top-tier pickleball equipment. Soon, Head emerged as one of the leading pickleball product manufacturing companies.

Combining their decades of experience with modern technology, they produce excellent pickleball equipment. They cater to the needs of all levels of players.

Who Is Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle For?

The features of this paddle make it particularly suitable for intermediate to advanced-level players. Many professional players use Head radical Pro paddle to compete in tournaments and for recreational matches.

Due to its middleweight and comfortable grip, this paddle can be used by players who suffer from muscle cramps or injuries.

User Reviews

After extensive research, we came to the conclusion that most users loved the comfortable grip, optimum weight, and power offered by this paddle. Others players were satisfied with the exceptional feel generated by the fiberglass hitting surface. Moreover, users also seemed to like the vibrant color of this paddle.

On the other hand, some players found this paddle hard to control and not suitable for the soft delivery of shots. Some users also found the grip size too small for their hands and needed to add extra layers to the handle.

What Do We Think of Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle?

To sum up, here’s our review:

The Head Radical Pro Pickleball paddle offers a perfect blend of features combined with an affordable price. This makes it completely worth your money. This paddle is a great choice for advanced-level players. However, it is also suitable for intermediate players who want to improve their game.

That said, this Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle review is intended to help you find the perfect paddle according to your gaming style.

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