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Gamma Hellbender Pickleball Paddle Review: Should You Buy It?

Only a passionate pickleball player knows the true value of a quality paddle and the difference it can make in the game. Often, players become indecisive regarding the choice of pickleball paddle. It gets quite confusing for players to choose a paddle, given the various brands available in the market.

If you’re one such player looking for a new paddle to improve your game, then you’re at the right place. In this Gamma Hellbender pickleball paddle review, we’ll help you explore all aspects of this wonderful paddle. We have also highlighted all the features that make the Gamma Hellbender pickleball paddle an exceptional one. Moreover, we have shed light on some of its shortcomings as well as people’s reviews to help you, make the right choice.

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Gamma Hellbender Pickleball Paddle Review

GAMMA Sports Hellbender NeuCore Pickleball Paddle
  • 7.6 ounce, middle-weight pickleball paddle with large sweet spot.
  • Predictable power and control
  • NeuCore Technology provides a more responsive feel
  • USAPA-Approved 
  • Honeycomb Cushion Grip
  • Textured surface offers spin

Gamma Hellbender Pickleball Paddle has all the features that make it suitable for intermediate to advanced-level players. Moreover, all these amazing features come at a reasonable price. However, some users found the Gamma Hellbender Pickleball paddle to be a bit pricey. So it depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

The Gamma Hellbender pickleball paddle is a middleweight paddle, weighing around 7.6 ounces. It has a large face that guarantees a large sweet spot.

The handle is made of a honeycomb cushion grip that makes the paddle really comfortable to play with. The grip size is 4 1/8” which is the ideal size for most players.

The most important feature of the Gamma Hellbender paddle is the Neucore Technology and the textured graphite surface. The Gamma Hellbender is USAPA-approved.


  • Approved By USAPA
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Large Sweet Spot
  • Optimum Weight


  • For some players, spin isn’t good enough
  • Slightly expensive

Notable Features Of Gamma Hellbender Pickleball Paddle

This review of the Gamma Hellbender pickleball paddle will walk you through all the exceptional features of this paddle in great detail. So read on to find out what makes this paddle so unique.

Mid-Weight Paddle

The Gamma Hellbender pickleball paddle weighs around 7.6 ounces. This makes it a middle-weight paddle that is perfect for intermediate to advanced-level players. Being a middleweight paddle, it helps the players to hit each ball with a perfect blend of power and control.

The Gamma Hellbender Pickleball paddle has an ideal weight for players who frequently suffer from tennis elbow, making it a good paddle for tennis elbow.

Neucore Poly Core Paddle Construction

The Gamma Hellbender pickleball paddle features a poly core made using NEUCORE technology. This makes the paddle much more responsive and controlled throughout the game. It also helps to deliver the ball with optimum power while keeping it under control.

Also, the Gamma Hellbender pickleball paddle has a large core cell size. This makes it good at absorbing sound waves and ensures a quiet gaming experience.

Honeycomb Cushion Grip

The Gamma Hellbender pickleball paddle boasts a honeycomb cushion grip. This enhances the quality of the game by allowing a comfortable gaming experience for the player. The honeycomb cushion grip lets the player deliver each shot with optimum power while keeping it in control.

Textured Graphite Face

The Gamma Hellbender pickleball paddle has a textured graphite face. This allows a remarkable touch while returning the shot with an excellent spin. The spin created through the textured surface lets the ball fly over the net toward the opponent.

However, some players find that the surface isn’t textured enough to generate a perfect spin.

Face Shape

The Gamma Hellbender pickleball paddle features a 16 1/8″ long and 7 5/8″ wide hitting surface. This ensures a relatively large sweet spot that enhances playability while increasing reach. The oversized sweet spot also allows the player to tackle each shot with maximum control and confidence.

Handle Features

The Hellbender features a 4 1/2″ long handle with a grip size f 4 1/8″. The unique thing about the handle of the Gamma Hellbender paddle is its rectangular shape. This feature allows the paddle to have a better grip even when returning a shot that is hit with great force. The rectangular grip doesn’t let the paddle turn in the hand of the player like other round-handled paddles.

USAPA Approved

The Gamma hHellbender is USAPA approved. This means you can use it for games and tournaments.

About Gamma

Gamma sports came into existence in 1974 with the primary aim of creating pliable tennis strings. But over the years, as pickleball gained popularity in America, they started making pickleball equipment.

Soon, Gamma became one of the best pickleball equipment manufacturers. With their innovative ideas and use of modern technology, they emerged as a leading brand in pickleball products. Their leading motive is to manufacture pickleball products for all types of players. Gamma constantly strives to manufacture products that allow players to grow and excel.

Who Is Gamma Hellbender Pickleball Paddle For?

The Gamma Hellbender pickleball paddle is suitable for intermediate to advanced-level players. The weight and comfortable grip are perfect for players who suffer from game-related injuries and muscle fatigue. The Neucore poly core helps to deliver shots with power and control, which is what most players look for. Moreover, the grip size is suitable for all types of players.

User Reviews

The majority of the players who used the Gamma Hellbender pickleball paddle were satisfied with its features. They particularly appreciated the unique design and construction of the Gamma Hellbender pickleball paddle. One player commented that the rectangular-shaped handle was really comfortable while gripping and didn’t let the paddle slip out of hand. The overall feel and playability experience of the paddle was commended by most players.

However, according to one player, the Gamma Hellbender Pickleball paddle was difficult to play with initially as the ball would spin out of control. But this problem was resolved after a bit of practice and use.

What Do We Think Of Gamma Hellbender Pickleball Paddle?

According to our research, the Gamma Hellbender paddle was suitable for most players. Its features make it a good paddle for intermediate-level players who are trying to improve the quality of their game. It boasts great features like Neucore and Honeycomb grip that elevate the gaming experience. It’s a quiet paddle that you can use anywhere without worrying about noise.

If don’t think Hellbender is for you, check out the Engage Poach Infinity.

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