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Engage Poach Infinity Review: Worth the Money?

Striking the perfect shot with optimal control, watching the ball ace through the opponent’s defense, and getting the point is the dream of every pickleball player.

That’s where the Engage Poach Infinity Pickleball Paddle comes into action. The Engage Poach Infinity is engineered to perfection by combining the latest technology with expert craftsmanship and finesse.

In this Engage Poach Infinity review, we have enlisted all the top-notch features and aspects of the paddle.

Furthermore, we have also gathered first-hand reviews of users and whether they are satisfied with the paddle or not.

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Engage Poach Infinity Review

Engage Pickleball Poach Infinity
  • Engage Poach Infinity Pickleball Paddle
  • Amazing 6-layered Paddle optimized to deliver maximum playability.
  • The enhanced sweet spot for a perfect landing.
  • Engage Poach Infinity- A medium weight 8.0-8.55 oz. paddle.
  • Meets USAPA Requirements

The Engage Poach Infinity is the next-level professional paddle that has set the bar high owing to its exceptional delivery and optimized performance.

This is the upgraded version of the well-renowned and best-selling Poach Advanced paddle by combining extensive research and expertise.

Pickleball professionals looking to land victories should get their hands on the most technologically advanced Engage Poach Infinity paddle. The best aspect of Engage Poach Infinity is its 6-layered composite skin, which is one of its kind.

Most paddles have 2-layered skin, but the Engage Poach Infinity takes a step ahead by combining 6 layers after extensive research and testing. The result shows the 6 layers provide maximum playability and performance.

Engage has also introduced a new texture in Engage Poach Infinity that provides more friction on the surface, leading to increased ball spin. The latest proprietary design holds the ball longer and provides a soft feeling while striking.

If you want to take your pickleball game to the next level, consider Engage Poach Infinity your ally.


  • Exceptional ball spin
  • 6-layered skin delivers maximum ball responsiveness
  • Enhanced power and control


  • Paddle’s neck breaks.
  • Less durable

Notable Features and Ratings

The Engage Poach Infinity is a perfect paddle for pickleball enthusiasts and professional players. It comprises top-notch features that make it one of the best pickleball paddles. The paddle comes in red, purple, green, and blue color. We have covered every aspect of the paddle below and have rated them out of 10.

Proprietary Polymer Composite Control Pro ‘Black’ Technology

The Engage Poach Infinity features the most technologically advanced proprietary polymer composite core with Control Pro Technology. The Engage Poach Infinity comes with a 6-layered skin as opposed to 2-layered skin in most of the paddles.

The core is designed after extensive research and development, which showed that combining 6 layers leads to maximum performance and ball responsiveness.

The 6 layers come with Vibration Dampening Technology, making the paddle the softest on the market and also mitigates vibration, which is helpful for players with tennis elbow.

In addition, the proprietary core is equipped with Variable Release Technology that produces more power the faster you swing. We rate the core as 9.5/10 due to multiple technologies.

Face Shape

The Engage Poach Infinity comes in four distinct shape variations to fit your playing style and needs:

  1. Poach Infinity EX Standard (16″ x 8″ with 5.25″ grip)
  2. Poach Infinity Short Grip SX (16.25″ x 7.75″ with 4″ grip)
  3. Poach Infinity Elongated MX (16.5″ x 7.5″ with 6″ grip)
  4. Poach Infinity Blade LX (17″ x 7″ with 5.25″ grip)

The 16″ long and 8″ wide Engage Poach Infinity features an enhanced sweet spot size to land the ball perfectly. It also features an omnidirectional friction-based texture that adds roughness on all sides, increasing friction. The texture keeps the ball longer and returns it with unforgiving power.

We rate the paddle’s shape as 8.5/10.

Grip Control

The Engage Poach Infinity comes with Engage’s ultra-perforated cushion grip, which absorbs sweat radically. The grip is designed to mitigate tennis elbow and muscle soreness. The 5″ long and 4 1/4” wide soft cushioned grip makes the player grab the handle quickly, even during long sessions. We give a rating of 8.5/10 to the grip handle.


The Engage Poach Infinity comes in two weight options, Standard (8.0–8.55 oz) and Lite (8.3-8.4 oz.), perfect for intermediates to professional players. The paddle evenly distributes the weight, leading to less stress and torsion on the wrist.

Like Gearbox GX5 paddle, players can choose the paddle weight according to their preference and still get remarkable gameplay. We rate its weight as 8.5/10.

USAPA Approval

The Engage Poach Infinity is USAPA listed and approved for tournament play. The paddle is designed to pass stringent community noise requirements.

About Engage

Engage Pickleball is a US-based pickleball manufacturer that takes pride in designing technologically advanced and professional pickleball paddles. Engage’s pickleball paddles are designed by expert engineers and modeled after extensive research and testing.

Engage Pickleball focuses on Applied Physics and creates paddles that offer exceptional gameplay and reduced wrist pain. All the prototypes are tested by beginners, intermediates, and professional players before engineering the final paddle.

Who is Engage Poach Infinity for?

The Engage Poach Infinity is the most diverse pickleball paddle in different weight and size variations. The Engage Poach Infinity is perfect for intermediate to professional players looking to revamp their game.

Since women prefer the smaller grip paddle, the Poach Infinity Short Grip SX (16.25″ x 7.75″ with 4″ grip) is perfect for them.

Engage’s other pickleball paddles, Poach Advantage, Pursuit EX Graphite, and Encore Pro, are also very popular among pickleball enthusiasts.

The Engage Poach Infinity features Variable Flex Technology that mitigates wrist pain and is suitable for players with tennis elbow.

Users Reviews

Pickleball players love the latest Engage Poach Infinity Pickleball Paddle. They love the increased power, enhanced sweet spot size, and comfortable grip. We found that majority of the people are satisfied with Engage Poach Infinity paddle.

After extensive research, we found that power is the number one aspect people loved the most about Engage Poach Infinity paddle.

However, some people also experienced snipping necks and wearing skin, leading to reduced durability.

What do We Think of Engage Poach Infinity?

We consider Engage Poach Infinity to be the most revolutionary and technologically advanced pickleball paddle. The paddle is designed for people with different needs, as it comes in two weight ranges and four sizes.

It’s a medium-weight paddle with a large sweet spot and friction-inducing surface that offers excellent performance and unparalleled gameplay. We recommend Engage Poach Infinity for pickleball enthusiasts looking to up their game.

If you are looking for medium-weight pickleball paddles, then the Poach Advantage and Onix Evoke Pro Pickleball Paddle are perfect for you.

This Engage Poach Infinity Review is to help you find the perfect pickleball paddle for your next tournament. You can check our deeply-researched guide on how to choose pickleball paddles for detailed information.

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