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How To Lower A Tennis Net For Pickleball? Step-by-Step Guide

You’ve organized a pickleball game with your buddies, but you can’t locate the pickleball court. So, you’ve chosen to play pickleball on a tennis court.

However, the issue of lowering a tennis net has arisen. This is exactly what we’ll cover in this article. This article focuses on tennis and pickleball nets, and we’ll go through the equipment you’ll need to lower the tennis net for pickleball.

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Pickleball VS Tennis Net Height

There is a negligible difference between pickleball and tennis net for an average person, but you can quickly notice it if you play pickleball or tennis for a while.

The pickleball net is 34 inches in the center, according to USAPA standards. On the other hand, the International Tennis Federation states that the tennis net should be 42 inches wide and 36 inches in the middle.

Anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time playing both games can tell how much of a difference the additional two inches in net height makes for them.

Standards Of Pickleball Net Height

USAPA sets all the standards and rules for pickleball matches. Whether you want to play pickleball in a local tournament or have some fun with your friends, you’ll be following USAPA rules.

  • The pickleball net should be 21 feet and 9 inches long, according to USAPA.
  • The height of the pickleball net should be 34 inches.
  • A pickleball net pole should be 2-inch away from the court line.

Standards of Tennis Net Height

The International Tennis Federation, also known as ITF, set all the tennis net standards.

  • The tennis net court should be 33 feet wide for singles and 42 feet wide for doubles.
  • The height of the tennis net should be 36 inches.
  • The tennis net pole should be 3.5 inch away from the court line strip.

How To Lower A Tennis Net For Pickleball?

Lowering a tennis net for pickleball is quite simple, and all you just need to do is grab the necessary equipment and follow these guidelines.

However, some tennis court nets also have pre-installed DH4013 Courtmaster Net Post Crank, which is used to adjust the height of the pickleball net. Using DH4013 is quite simple, and you can adjust the net height by following these steps.

  • Turn the DH4013 handle towards the right side.
  • After a few seconds, you will hear a click sound, and then the cap is now unlocked.
  • Twist the handle towards the right side to release the gear mechanism.
  • Then move the handle anti-clockwise to lower the net

If the tennis court near you doesn’t have DH4013 Courtmaster Net Post Crank, you can still lower the net. But you’ll need some more tools/equipment.

1. Using ConVERT aNet Pickleball Net Converter

ConVERT aNet is a really simple tool to convert a tennis net into a pickleball net within no time. It reduces the tennis net’s height without affecting its straps or cables. This is weatherproof, so don’t need to worry about rusting.

2. Using Vermont Tennis Net Adjuster

Most people use a tennis net adjuster to convert a tennis net into a pickleball net. As you probably know, a tennis net is 2 inches higher, and that’s where the tennis net adjuster comes into play. It has a strap that allows the height to be adjusted.

You can check the features of Vermont Tennis Net Adjuster here.

3. Using Eye Bolt & Snap Hook

This method to lower the tennis net’s height requires only a eye bolt and snap hook.

Look at the center of the tennis net, an eyebolt is there, along with the snap hook. A snap hook is attached to the strap, used to adjust the net’s height. Pull down the snap hook and then attach two eye bolts on both poles, and you are good to go.

Similarities And Differences Between Pickleball and Tennis Net

Let’s look at the similarities and differences between the nets of these two games. This will help you understand what exactly you’ll have to change to convert a tennis net for pickleball.


  • Pickleball and tennis nets have metal cables that white tape has covered.
  • Due to standards of USAPA and ITF, both the nets are slightly down from the center.
  • We can use the same net to play tennis and pickleball by using net adjusters.


  • Pickleball net height is 34 inches, while the net height of the tennis net is 36 inches.
  • The length of the tennis net is 42 feet, while the length of the pickleball net is 22 feet.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have covered all the tools you need to have to lower a tennis net for pickleball.

Furthermore, we have also covered similarities and differences between the two types of nets.

However, if you don’t want to buy extra equipment to lower the net, you can also go for the tennis court with a pre-installed net post crank. Then, you can follow our instructions to adjust the net’s height.

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