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The 7 Best Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Players

Whether you are taking a slight interest in pickleball or fully transitioning to it, you will clearly feel that pickleball has both some similarities and differences from tennis racquets.

Though both are racquet sports, a tennis racquet differs a lot from a pickleball paddle. And if you’re choosing a pickleball paddle for the first time, there are a few things to consider.

Below, we recommend some high-quality pickleball paddles for tennis players and discuss the factors you need to consider when buying them for the first time. Remember, you can only last in the pickleball court if you have a solid paddle in your hands.

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Onix Evoke Premier Pickleball Paddle
Pro-Lite Titan Black Diamond Pickleball Paddle
  • 100% Pure high quality carbon fiber surface
  • Large paddle face and balanced sweet spot
  • Elegant sleek modern look
  • Extra low profile edge guard
Rally Tyro 2 Pro Pickleball Paddle

Things to Consider

Whether you are learning or playing competitive, a good paddle gives you an advantage. But, things aren’t easy at first when you transition to pickleball from tennis.

Due to the massive variance between a standard tennis racquet and a pickleball paddle, you might find it difficult to judge which paddle is right for you.

So to speed up your search for the best paddle, we mention some aspects to consider. However, you can read our ultimate pickleball paddle buying guide to view more factors.


The grip of the pickleball paddle has a great impact on your play. When selecting a paddle, you’ve to consider both the grip’s circumference and the length. Tennis players might find a paddle with a longer handle easier to play with. For example, the Rogue 2 paddle comes with a 5” handle.

The circumference depends on your comfort and size. If you’re unsure, go for a small circumference, as you can add an overgrip later. Moreover, some pickleball paddles come with tennis-style grip, which is of course ideal for tennis players.

Shape of the Paddle

The next important consideration is the shape of the paddle. The tennis racquets are in an oval shape, while the pickleball paddles vary from rectangle to oval.

As tennis players are used to playing with an oval racquet, they might not be comfortable with the traditional rectangular pickleball paddles. So initially choose a round or oval paddle, and then switch to the rectangular one if you wish.

Material of Paddle Face

The material used to manufacture the face (hitting surface) has an impact on the performance. The spin, ball placement, control, and shot power all depend upon the face composition.

The high-end paddles come with graphite face, and, as a tennis player, you’ve might have already used a graphite racquet. So you can begin your pickleball journey with a graphite paddle. But if you’re not willing to spend much, go for a fiberglass composite paddle.

Wondering if you can play pickleball on the tennis court? Read our guide to find out.

Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Players: Our Top 7 Picks

We have handpicked some of the finest and the best pickleball paddles for tennis players available in the market. We have shortlisted only the best from the crowd by hours of research and comparison.

1. Pro-Lite Titan Black Diamond

Key Features

  • Comes with a great design
  • Offers durable build
  • It has a long and grippy handle to practice any grip style with ease
  • Due to its superior surface and core, it is a perfect playing partner for both beginners and advanced competitive players.

First things first. With super amazing features and an ultimate design, these awesome paddles offer real value for your money.

The woven carbon surface and composition provide a slight idea of its underrated capabilities. Its copper head provides a great sweet spot and wider overall dimensions. This deadly combo provides great control over the ball.

The handle is specially designed to make it withstand hours of practice, aggressive friendly, or competitive matches. Its breathable grip keeps the palm cool.


  • Beautiful design
  • Long-lasting and highly reviewed
  • Woven carbon shock-absorbent body
  • Breathable, strong grip


  • Slightly less powerful.

2. Rally Tyro 2 Pro Pickleball Paddle

Key Features

  • It features an all-level friendly build, which is evenly helpful for all skill levels.
  • The double-thick core and surface of Rally Tyro 2 Pro enable its users to hit the ball past the opponents with great control and speed.
  • The extra-thick foam coating absorbs the ball’s impact and vibration to a great extent and offers an extra spin on the ball.
  • It is made with rigid polypropylene honeycomb composite material that ensures that your paddle lasts super long.
  • This paddle is made for super swift and agile players. Its small and compact design makes it easy to carry and swing. The small weighted head is ideal for all skill sets.
  • Unlike other heavy paddles, this paddle is super light, weighing only a few ounces.

The RallyTyro 2 Pro is the ultimate pickleball solution for players of all skill levels. This paddle offers maneuverability, so it is the best partner for aggressive players who want to outshine their opponents

In terms of head and surface, it features vibrant colors and a double-thick foamy surface that can withstand any shock or impact, resulting in a vibration-free experience. Oversized head reduces the mishits and offers better control to players. The texture of the paddle lets you spin the ball with ease.

Whether you want to play for pleasure or on a competitive level, this paddle will surely provide you with an edge.


  • Superlight for agile gameplay
  • Easy to handle, providing more control
  • Compact design for speed and portability
  • Double thick shock-absorbent Face


  • Some players complained of decal bubbling

3. ONIX Graphite Z5

Key Features

  • The body and grip are specially designed for players who are transitioning from tennis into pickleball.
  • The overall body shape is wide to cover more area and larger sweet spot.
  • The core is made up of lasting honeycomb material that fetches out the performance from the paddle.
  • The paddle provides more pop and excellent maneuverability, and lightweight characteristics with a unique graphite face.

With the Z5 paddle from ONIX, you get the ultimate control over the ball. This paddle is the most popular among the ONIX line due to the balance of power and control and overall performance.

The paddle comes with a Nomex honeycomb core. The Nomex cores are known for providing more control over the ball while slightly lowering the power. However, they are the most durable option for everyday friendly or competitive games.

The Nomex core is coupled with a graphite face surface, providing superior control. The tennis handle and medium-end weight characteristics help maintain the positive aspects of this pickleball paddle.


  • Easy to handle, providing more control
  • Excellent design for speed and maneuverability
  • Tennis racket like body
  • Grippy handlebars


  • Requires more power input

4. ONIX Evoke Premier

Key Features

  • It is a power paddle with a beautiful design. It is produced and designed with the guidance of pickleball champions, Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova.
  • It is made up of Atomic13 Edge technology that dampens the shock while increasing swing and pace.
  • The paddle has polypropylene as its composition material that makes it a resilient partner to rely on.

The Evoke Premier flexes the best combination of control and power. It is a patterned paddle with a tough composite face and polypropylene honeycomb core material.

This super unique release of Onix is made with a collaboration between manufacturers and the international pickleball stars Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova. With his sheer experience, the team was able to understand the requirements of players and design a paddle accordingly.

The DF composite face surface provides a balance of power, spin, and control. It’s available in three different weights and two colors.


  • Designed by a world champion
  • Improved perfect design
  • Solid and rigid shock-absorbent body


  • Doesn’t spin the ball much

5. Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle

Key Features

  • Impressive textured fiberglass surface provides power and spin
  • The Polymer Power Comb Technology gives you more power and a better response
  • Shock Dampening Bumper Guard makes durable.
  • Cushion Aire Perforated Grip absorbs sweat to provide a comfortable grip

This pickleball paddle is a top-line product of the famous racquet manufacturers, Wilson.

The paddle has a great build and design that focuses on all the necessary features. This quality makes it super swift, light, good at spins, and maneuverable.

The strong surface grip of the paddle allows the user to assert his complete control and dominance over the ball and eventually over the opponent. The paddle generates more output for easy power shots and pace plays.


  • Wilson lineup’s top of the chart
  • The perfect inner and outer design
  • Solid and rigid shock-absorbent body
  • Super grippy sweat-free handle


  • The handle is a little smaller.

6. OWN THE NET Pickleball Paddles

Key Features

  • This paddle is ideal for players of all levels and approved by USAPA.
  • The 8.3″ hitting surface of this pickleball paddle makes it easier for tennis players to hit the ball. You can hit the ball with more spin, reach, and speed.
  • It features a textured surface that produces a lot more spin than other paddles.
  • It is made from OWN THE NET’s proprietary, unique SACtek technology. The honeycomb core sandwiched between two graphite layers lowers the vibration.
  • It features a longer-than-usual handle with a grippy rubber grip. This gives you a better grip and complete control of the ball.

This OWN THE NET’s pickleball paddle can literally help you own the nets. Its SACtek technology, textured surface, wider area, and comfortable grip make it a great choice.

The head of the paddle is well-built. It has shock-absorbent layers on both sides with a state-of-the-art honeycomb composite layer trapped between them. It makes it very easy, even for beginners, to hit the ball with great speed, reach, accuracy and spin.

Adding more spin to your shots can help you win more points, both in tennis and pickleball. The unique textured surface of these paddles applies a brushing effect to the ball, which produces much more spin. If this sounds illegal to you, let me assure you that this pickleball paddle is approved by the USAPA.

Moreover, the paddle has a wide face that makes it very easy for even beginners to hit the ball. The longer and grippy handle enable you to play with any grip style with a sweat-free experience. It’s available in multiple colors including blue and black.


  • Wide, 8.3″ face for more coverage
  • Longer and grippy handle
  • Honeycomb composition
  • SACtek technology


  • Slightly heavier

7. Karltion Pickleball Paddle Set for Two

Key Features

  • Features a honeycomb core that dampens the shocks and vibration
  • The superior build of this paddle makes it good for both beginner and intermediate players. It has a large sweet spot and more head span.
  • The size and weight of this paddle are mid-end. So it is a complete balance between complexities.
  • With a premium grip, honeycomb core composite, and graphite build, this paddle is the ultimate weapon to control the game.
  • This paddle is USAPA approved, thanks to its highly durable build from head to base.
  • The handle has a suitable length for any pro grip style and a rubber grip that ensures non-sweaty hands.

The Karltion Paddle has a unique design that makes it a standout. Its adaptive build makes it an excellent choice from beginners to intermediate players who want a high-quality “all-arounder” title on their shoulders. The Eclipse features a rigid graphite face with a strong polymer composite core that can withstand many pickleball sessions.

The paddle set is highly durable and lasting. Usually, other paddles in this price range show a crumbled surface or broken joints just after a few months of use. But this pickleball paddle comes with a two-month warranty and a solid basal body with a durable coating surface.

The design of this pickleball paddle is what makes it to be in our list. It combines the aspects of a comfortable grip, broad and wide head, durable and textured surface, and low weight to make it a good choice. However, if you’re a competitive player, you might not get the ideal performance from this paddle.


  • Broad and high-performing head
  • Easy to handle, providing more control
  • Compact design for speed and portability
  • Double thick shock absorbent foam


  • Not suitable for competitive use

The Bottom Line

I hope that you have found this guide resourceful. These handpicked paddles will surely help you rule over the pickleball court.

If you’re still unsure about the paddle, we’d recommend you to opt for Pro-Lite Titan Black Diamond. It’s a really popular paddle because it works great for almost all types of players.

However, if you’re not willing to spend much on your first paddle, check out the Onix Graphite Z5 paddle. It’ll help you get an idea of the game and learn your preferences. Afterward, you can switch to a better paddle that suits your needs.

Featured Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 License)

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