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The 7 Best Budget Pickleball Paddles Under $75

Are you looking for a high-quality paddle at a reasonable price? Or maybe you, as a beginner, are not ready to spend a fortune on a paddle.

With so many options out there in the market, it’s not easy to choose a budget-friendly paddle, and that is why we’ve narrowed down the list for you.

In this article, we provide a list of the eight best pickleball paddles under $75. These paddles are the ones that provide more control, power, and other features to the players. We selected these paddles depending on the different variables like price, features, and material quality.

If this is your first time buying a paddle, you can refer to these points to choose a perfect match for you.

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Niupipo Pickleball Paddle
  • USAPA Approved
  • Graphite Honeycomb Core and Graphite Carbon Fiber Surface
  • Well-designed
  • For all skill level
JOOLA Essentials Performance Pickleball Paddle
HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle
  • OTC core to create perfect playability
  • Composite Hitting Surface 
  • Ergonomic foam handle provides comfort
  • Heavyweight

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider

These are a few things you should always check before buying a paddle. Below, we mention the most important ones. For an in-depth buying guide, you can check out this article.


The weight of the paddle is a fundamental factor while choosing a pickleball paddle. There are mainly three weight categories for paddles.

Lightweight paddles weigh less than 7.3 oz. Then there are mid-weight paddles that weigh more than 7.3 oz and could go up to 8.3 oz. Any paddle weighing more than that is considered heavyweight.

You could choose according to your physical strength and fitness level. Your playing style also matters in your choice.

Lightweight paddles provide control; however, for power hits, heavyweight paddles work better. For a beginner without any preference, a mid-weight paddle is the best choice.

For more information, you can check out our post on the ideal weight of a pickleball paddle.


When it comes to the material, you have three options.

  • Wooden
  • Graphite
  • Composite

Wooden paddles are the cheapest but heaviest. However, we don’t recommend wooden paddles at any level of your game. You can choose from composite or graphite pickleball paddles. Graphite paddles are lightweight and most expensive and give great ease of movement to the player.

On the other hand, composite paddles are between these two. They are not as heavy as wooden paddles and not as expensive as graphite paddles.

Grip Size

Buying a paddle with a grip size that fits your hand ergonomically and provides comfort to the hand is what you need. If your grip size is too small or big for your hand, you can’t play comfortably.

It’s recommended to feel the grip in your hand before buying it. However, if it’s not possible, always go with a small grip size as you can increase the grip size.

Core Material

Three types of materials are primarily used for paddle core.

  • Aluminum
  • Nomex
  • Polymer

Aluminum cores are suitable to provide control, but they are not for strong hits and power games. You can see the dents on its surface after hitting the ground or ball very hard.

Like aluminum paddles, Nomex cores are also made of dense honeycomb and offer much power. However, you can hear a nice pop when you hit the ball.

Polymer is a core that most manufacturers use, and they are durable and quite paddles. You get a lot of power with them, but not as much control.

Skill Level and Price

As a beginner player, you might not need some features a high quality, expensive paddles offer. Similarly, as a professional, if you choose a cheap paddle, you will miss a lot of control, power, and spin. Pickleball paddles can be expensive for different reasons. So you also have to consider your budget and then decide to buy a paddle.

Best Pickleball Paddle Under $75: Our Picks

Here are a few choices if you need a reliable paddle but don’t want to spend much.

1. HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle

One of the best inexpensive pickleball paddles with great features is Head Radical Elite. This paddle is the best option for beginners. Even if you want to level up your game, Radical Elite will not disappoint you.

With a smooth fiberglass hitting surface and 8.1 oz weight, you will get the power that allows strong hits but lessens the control over the ball. Its dynamic power shape is another great feature and provides a more prominent sweet spot.

The Optimized Tubular Construction (OTC) of polypropylene honeycomb thicker core absorbs the vibration and allows more playability and perfect sound. Its 4 ¼ inches grip size and Ergo grip provide a relaxed and comfortable hold.

Head Radical Elite is good value for your money. As a mid-level or beginner player, it will help you improve your game. However, this paddle doesn’t have much texture, so it might not offer you much spin.

If you are working on improving your game but don’t want to break the bank, the Head Radical Elite pickleball paddle is for you.


  • It is tested for tournaments and approved by USAPA.
  • Comes in two dynamic colors.
  • Very comfortable and firm grip.


  • A bit heavy
  • If you are looking for more spin, this is not for you

2. Niupipo MX 02 Pickleball Paddle

Nothing can go wrong with this paddle on your side—an absolute choice for beginners and intermediate players who want to save money without compromising the quality. You will get two paddles at a very reasonable price.

Two USAPA approved paddles with covers to keep them safe is an ideal deal at a low price. However, this paddle set has a lot more to offer. Niupipo paddles have a graphite honeycomb core, which reduces the paddle weight. With the 8oz weight, you get both maneuverability and power.

Its graphite carbon fiber face holds the ball a little longer, so you can spin the ball and surprise your opponent. This surface allows you to hit the right spot and handle the strong hits.

The Niupipo handle provides a strong grip. The 4.25 inches non-slippery, sweat absorbing grip keeps you going in a long game without any stress on your palms or wrists.

Equally-distributed weight in the paddle gives it a bigger sweet spot and decreases the shoulders and elbow stress. The edge guard ensures that the paddles last long.

A well-protected paddle with an edge guard has almost no faults for me to mention. But this doesn’t offer much choice for design or color. So if you don’t like the design of this paddle, there are no other color options for you. It is highly durable and affordable.


  • It provides an excellent balance of power and control
  • A good option for aggressive players
  • Comfortable grip


  • There are no color or design variations.

3. JOOLA Essentials FS 12mm Pickleball Paddle

Most JOOLA pickleball paddles are on the higher end of the price spectrum, but Essentials FS 12 mm paddle is an exception. This is a good paddle for all-around beginners who have just started playing pickleball.

JOOLA Essentials FS 12 mm pickleball paddle is durable, and if you are a regular player who wants longevity without spending a fortune, you can opt for it.

Polypropylene honeycomb core and fiberglass surface make it a strong paddle. Its fiberglass surface allows strong control of the paddle and makes it durable. So your paddle can handle the hard hits and can sustain.

This paddle is slightly heavy (8.2 oz), which makes it an excellent choice for power players. The paddle has a comfortable and cushioned grip with small ridges to provide a better and stronger grip. The strong grip helps you in power shots and hits. Its edge guard offers protection from damage and scratches.

I personally like the simple, modern design of the paddle. Since the paddle is USAPA approved, you can take part in tournaments with it. Although it doesn’t offer the same quality as the high-end JOOLA paddles, it does provide good value for your money.


  • It has a unique design.
  • Perfect for beginners
  • USAPA-approved


  • Few players may not like the ridges on the handle that also provide friction.
  • Not the same feel as expensive paddles

4. Gamma Fusion 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

Gamma Fusion 2.0 pickleball paddle is a moderately priced, high-quality paddle. It is a great choice for both beginner and intermediate players. You can train with it and participate in a tournament as USAPA has approved it.

Fusion 2.0 has a large body and medium weight (8 oz). If you like a large face paddle to get a bigger sweet spot, it is the right choice for you as it is 8 inches in width.

Aramid honeycomb core provides control and power, and when combined with a textured fiberglass face, it gives extra spin.

Its honeycomb cushioned grip is only 4 inches wide, perfect for small hands. However, if you are tall with large hands, you might have to use the extra grip.

When it comes to outdoor games, many people complain about scratching their paddles on the ground. Gamma Fusion 2.0 will protect your paddle with a durable edge guard.


  • Highly comfortable and sweat-resistant grip
  • Good, if you are an aggressive player
  • Ideal for beginner-level players


  • Not suitable for more professional 3.5+ players
  • Small handle

5. PHYSIZZ Pickleball Paddle

PHYSIZZ Lightning pickleball paddle set offers the best bang for your buck. This set offers two paddles, four pickleball balls, and a portable bag to keep your stuff safe.

It has a graphite carbon fiber face and honeycomb composition, making PHYSIZZ paddles strong enough to handle long and hard games without losing their pop and sweet spot.

It enables you to control the ball better and provides more strong swings. This is a relatively lightweight paddle with a 7.8 oz weight.

Its 4.35-inch circumference grip handle absorbs sweat and gives comfort to your hands for better wrist movement and flexibility. All these features together allow you to have long playtime and no fatigue.

Many pickleball paddles have a very prominent edge that causes the miss-hits. However, with the PHYSIZZ paddle, you will get a very sleek and slender edge guard. It allows you more space to hit the ball without any miss-hits and keeps your paddle safe from any wear and tear.

This paddle is lightweight, so people who can handle paddles with 8 oz or above and want more power than control may not find it a good match.


  • Comes with two indoor and two outdoor balls.
  • Very suitable for beginners.
  • It’s easy to switch hands as it is designed for both hands.
  • These are USAPA approved paddles.


  • Balls that come with it are not of high quality
  • Not for power players

6. Amazin’ Aces Signature Pickleball Paddle

Another affordable paddle on our list is the Amazin’ Aces Signature paddle. Despite the low price, there will be no compromise on the quality and craftsmanship of this paddle. It is a high-quality paddle for all-level players.

It is made with high-quality graphite. The classic design of the honeycomb polymer core and graphite face make it a perfect combination of power and control.

Amazin’ Aces Signature paddle offers a hand-stitched grip that gives excellent comfort to your hands. The 4.5 grip circumference is ideal for people with bigger hands.

The edge guard is very sleek and unnoticeable, giving it a larger hitting space and a big sweet spot. This paddle weighs from 7.8 to 8.2 oz. Its weight is equally distributed which improves your play.

It is a good paddle if you are not in the mood to spend a lot of money. However, it may not be suitable for people with wrist or elbow issues due to its weight.


  • USAPA has approved this paddle.
  • Very unique and beautiful floral design.
  • Good choice for beginners to intermediate players
  • It has a large sweetspot.


  • Heavyweight

7. XS XSPAK Pickleball Paddles Set

Only expensive paddles provide you with great features, right? However, that is not true in the XS XSPAK pickleball paddle case as it offers the best value for your bucks. This pickleball set includes 2 paddles, 4 pickleball balls, and a stylish bag, all within your budget.

The pickleball paddle weighs around 8 oz and has a polymer honeycomb core, which provides power and helps you control touch shots.

The most distinctive feature of this paddle that makes it suitable for beginners and intermediate players is its carbon fiber surface. This helps you improve your placement. So if you’re a control player, XS XSPAK is a great option.

The cushioned grip’s circumference is 4.25 inches which allows you to keep playing for a longer time without hurting your hand or wrist. The sweat-absorbent breathable material keeps your handle dry even when you play outdoor heat or rain.

Its slim edge guard protects your paddle from any miss-hits and scratches when you hit it on the ground. All these features make XS XSPAK paddle durable and allow you more control, maneuverability, and speed.

If you like simple paddles and don’t want to fork out a lot of money, XS XSPAK pickleball paddle is for you. However, if you’re serious about playing pickleball, we’d advise choosing a better paddle like JOOLA Essentials.


  • Great for beginners to improve their game
  • This paddle provides adequate power
  • It comes 2 paddles, 4 balls, and a bag


  • Not the best paddle for serious players

8. HUDEF HB 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

Another very affordable and highly recommended paddle for professional-level players is Hudef HB 2.0 pickleball paddle. Its great features and approval from USAPA make it a perfect choice for those who want to participate in tournaments.

With this paddle, you get a mixture of power and control. So it’s a good choice for those who want to improve their game.

For great gameplay, you need to balance mobility, control, and power, which you will get from the balanced weight. Hudef HB 2.0 provides that balance. With its 7.9 oz weight and its 1.3 inches grip size (diameter), you can ace the game.

Hudef HB 2.0 has a graphite face and polypropylene honeycomb core that gives you a non-slippery, better hold of the ball. Polymer honeycomb core reduces the vibration and sound.

It has a soft and comfortable grip that absorbs the sweat and provides cushioned hold. Without tire and fatigue, now you can play for more extended hours.

If you are tall and want to reach more, its elongated face, 16.3 inches, is beneficial for singles players. Its surface area is almost 12 inches, which might confuse some players about the sweet spot. However, once they get the hang of it, there is more hitting surface.

Hudef paddle, with its waterproof surface and edge guard protection, is an ideal paddle for outdoor games.

Interested in Hudef paddles? Read our review of the best Hudef paddles.


  • It comes in multi-colors.
  • It is a lightweight paddle.
  • Its handle is very comfortable and non-slippery.
  • Its elongated face provides more reach.


  • The paddle is thin as compared to others.
  • It doesn’t have much pop to it.
  • Might take time to get comfortable with the sweetspot

The Bottom Line

In this article, we provided a list of 8 cheap pickleball paddles price $75 or less. These paddles are inexpensive and offer great value for your money.

However, if you are still confused and want our recommendation, you can go for Niupipo Pickleball Paddles. This comes in a pair with paddle covers. It has all the cool features a beginner to a medium-level player could want. And the most important thing is these are not very expensive paddles for family and friends.

If you want a single paddle with a decent price and unique features, go for JOOLA Essentials paddle. It is an excellent choice for beginners to intermediate players who want an all-round paddle.

Now it’s up to you to decide what is best suited for your needs, budget, and expertise.


How much should I pay for a pickleball paddle?

You can pay more or less according to your budget, your requirements, and your expertise. For a decent quality pickleball, you should at least pay $50. However, pickleball prices can be high or low depending upon the brand and the material used. Wooden paddles cost between $10 to $40. Composite paddles cost $40 to $100 and above, and good quality graphite pickleball paddles start from $70 and can cost up to $200 or above.

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