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Rogue 2 Pickleball Paddle Review | Is It Ideal For You?

Do you want to upgrade your paddle without compromising the touch, feel or spin? Or are you an aggressive player who takes out his frustration on the paddle and throws it around and causing the split between handle and face? Or maybe you are looking for a paddle with minimum vibration.

If you think the Rogue 2 pickleball paddle is the answer to all your questions, you are not wrong. Let us explain it to you in this in-depth Rogue 2 paddle review.

Keep reading, and you will know how a balanced, durable, strong paddle with very little oscillation can drastically improve your skills.

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Rogue 2 Pickleball Paddle Review

Rogue2 Second Generation Gel-Core Pickleball Paddle USAPA Approved and Made in The USA (Magenta)
  • 2nd Generation GEL-CORE HYBRID CORE 
  • 7.8oz (±0.2oz)- A perfect "middle-weight" 

Rogue 2 paddle is a newer and improved version of the already existing Rogue paddle. With small but noticeable changes, Rogue 2 becomes an ultimate choice for players.

With a medium-weight of 7.8 oz, long face, and 5-inch handle, nothing can go wrong with this paddle. The unique features that you will not find in any other paddle are its Gel-Core technology and vibration-dampening carbon fiber throat reinforcement. They provide longevity and strength to the paddle.

Core strength, carbon fiber face, and larger sweet spot are very attractive features of Rogue 2. That allows the player to have fun while spinning the ball or controlling it. For strong players, it offers enough power.

However, not everybody wants a balance of power, control, and medium spin. Some players even want the paddle to be lighter and thicker.


  • 30 days return policy.
  • The perfect balance of power, control, and spin.
  • Very outstanding customer service.
  • Reduced vibration and protects the players from injury.
  • A larger sweet spot.


  • There are hardly any complaints, except a few players finding the paddle’s face a bit narrow.
  • A little expensive for new players/hobbyists

Notable Features Of Rogue 2 and Rating

Let’s discuss the features of Rogue 2 in detail and see how they are beneficial for you. Also, we give them a rating according to their performance.

Second Generation Gel Core Technology

Rogue 2 is made of hybrid material. The manufacturers were not ready to sacrifice the benefits of poly and Nomex. Hence, they made a hybrid material with Elastomeric material. That is infused in Polypropylene honeycomb material to achieve the end goal.

Gel- Core allows less vibration to reach the handle and the player’s hand, preventing any serious wrist injury or tennis elbow. Due to this hybrid core, the paddle becomes quieter. Therefore, you will have less irritated neighbors.

Rating for Gel-Core technology: 9/10

Sweet Spot Mapping

Players with all gaming styles want a paddle with a bigger sweet spot that allows fewer miss-hits and is more forgiving. Rogue 2 will provide that.

However, unlike others, they back their claim by the sweet spot mapping test. Using the bespoke testing fixture, they measured the ball response across the paddle face.

Throat Reinforcement

A unique feature of the Rogue 2 paddle is its vibration-dampening carbon fiber throat reinforcement. With this cutting-edge technology, Players Pickleball achieved two benefits.

It’s common knowledge that the junction between paddle face and handle is very fragile due to all the stress and pressure it bears at every hit and fall. In throat enforcement, they add six extra carbon fiber layers on both sides at this junction that make your paddle strong, durable, and stiff.

Throat enforcement stops the vibration from reaching your hand when a ball hits the face, so you can play without adding any pressure on your wrist.

Rating for throat reinforcement: 9.4/10

Fiberglass Face

The hitting surface or the face of the Rogue 2 paddle is made of fiberglass. This adds to the stability of the paddle.

Thanks to a special material used, Rogue 2 absorbs vibration and enables you to hit and block confidently.

Modern Hybrid Shape

Rogue 2 is a better and improved version of Generation 1 paddles. It is 16 3/8 inches longer and narrower than a traditional paddle. Many players who want to have extra reach really like the length and shape of this paddle.

Its fiberglass surface allows you more precise and accurate hits. It also gives your paddle durability and strength. Rogue 2 is approximately half inches thick with edge guard protection that ensures the longevity of the paddle.


Rogue 2 is a medium-weight paddle with 7.8 oz. That is why it is highly appreciated by the players from 3-level to 5-level players.

If you are not sure what weight is good for you, the mid-weight paddle is the ultimate choice for anyone. It gives a balance of control and power. In Rogue 2, paddle weight is balanced through Gel-Core infusion.

If you want to use a heavy-weight peddle, check Gearbox GX5. It offers variation in weight and power or control.

Rating for weight: 8/10

Grip And Handle

With Rogue 2, you will get 4 3/16 grip circumference, suitable for most players. However, you can use an over-grip as per your preference.

The handle is 5 inches long, which is best for those who use both hands for the hard and solid hits. If you are one of those players who hold their paddle with both hands, Rogue 2 is for you.

Similarly, it’s a good paddle for tennis players due to its long handle.

Rating for weight and handle: 7.8/10

USAPA Approved

Made in USA, 2nd generation Rogue 2 is USA Pickleball approved. Hence it meets all the requirements for tournaments. If you intend to play professionally, you should start with this paddle.

About Players Pickleball

Bellingham is where Players Pickleball made paddles as contract manufacturers before launching their paddles using scientific methods. They wanted to provide a paddle that could perfectly fit all players, from beginners to pro and recreational to competent players.

They gathered the top-level players’ data combined with their 25 years of experience and conducted research and experiments to get an amazing paddle finally.

Who Is Rogue 2 For?

Finding a paddle for basic to expert players and is designed to balance between power, control, and spin is not easy. However, we find Rogue 2 a perfect paddle for any level player with any gaming style.

While testing, we noticed that its vibration control is at another level, and therefore players with tennis elbow or any other issue can use it without worry.

In our opinion, if you are looking for some extra reach and can handle a mid-weight paddle, you can choose Rogue 2. Players who are not more inclined towards any specific game style and prefer to balance power and control while occasionally spinning the ball can choose it.

Users Review

After playing with Rogue 2 and checking all the reviews, we see that players love it. They love the feel, the weight, the handle length, and the shape of the paddle.

But most importantly, they are happy with how durable and strong the paddle is due to its throat reinforcement. Many players from tennis background or who have some medical issues don’t want to switch from this paddle. They believe that the Gel-Core vibration dampening technique has turned them from level 3 to level 4 players.

Some players don’t want the long face, and others want to reduce a few ounces, but that is that. Overall, they are happy with the paddle and the customer service Players Pickleball provide.

What Do We Think About Rogue 2

In short, we find this paddle highly suitable for beginners and intermediate players, especially if you want to have a full feel of the game.

For most players, it is a long-term investment. Once bought, this paddle can be your companion in the long run. Its unique features come at a very reasonable price compared to its competitors.
Therefore, if you want a durable, strong, and quiet paddle that provides a very professional feel, you can choose Rogue 2.

Still unsure about the features and benefits, read the ultimate guide for choosing a paddle.

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