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Head Gravity Pickleball Paddle Review | Don’t Buy Without Reading This!

Are you looking for a paddle with a perfect blend of power and control? If you want to upgrade your game and buy a paddle for more advanced players, Head Gravity pickleball paddles are for you. In fact, pro players like Will Wilson, Steve Deakin, and David Seckel use Head Gravity paddles.

Depending on your preferences, you can either go for Head Gravity or Gravity Lite as both of these have the same features, except the weight.

In this Head Gravity pickleball paddle review, we’ll discuss everything about these paddles in detail. So if you want to know about these features and how they can be helpful for you, keep reading.

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Head Gravity Pickleball Paddle Review

HEAD Graphite Pickleball Paddle
  • Graphite Face
  • Textured Surface for More Spin
  • Ideal for Pros
  • Blend of Power and Control

Head introduced the great Gravity series with Head Gravity and Gravity Lite pickleball paddles in 2020. Both these paddles have the same features except for their weight and colors.

Head Gravity weights 8.1 oz, while Gravity Lite weights 7.6 oz. Both these paddles are available in two colors: Blue/Gray and Teal/Crimson.

Gravity paddles have a polypropylene core. It is a bigger and thicker paddle with the largest sweet spot ever made. The hybrid hitting surface is a source of power, stability, and control.
With 3D patterns, they give an extreme spin, and handle stabilizer technology provides a comfortable hold.

After testing these paddles, we find them suitable for all-level players, as beginners love to have a big sweet spot. However, advanced players find them better due to the spin, control, and power they offer.

There are a few complaints about the flaking from the paddle’s face. However, we didn’t find it affecting the game in any way. Therefore, that is not a big concern.


  • It provides excellent power and control.
  • This paddle has the biggest sweet spot.
  • Provides excellent spin to the ball.
  • Very comfortable non-slippery grip.
  • Offers 2 options for color and weight


  • It does not come with a warranty.
  • Hard to maneuver due to weight.

Notable Features and Rating

Head Gravity paddles have great technology, which causes them to be so popular among professional players. We discuss these features in detail with their rating to help you decide.


The best thing about Gravity paddles is their weight difference. Gravity weighs 8.1 oz, and Gravity Lite has a 7.6 oz weight. If you like to have more control and use body mass to hit the ball, Gravity Lite is an excellent choice for you. Similarly, players with medical issues prefer to use midweight paddles.

Gravity, on the other hand, has a balanced weight. If you are gravitated to using more standard weight in paddles, this paddle is for you. It allows a significant amount of power. If you’re looking for paddles that allow choice for weight, you might want to read our Engage Poach Infinity review as well.

However, If you want ultimate control, Head Radical Pro can be your best option.

Comfort Grip

Having a comfortable grip is necessary for playability and extended gaming hours. Almost all Head grips have a 4 ¼ inches circumference and 4 ½ inches length.

Head Gravity uses EVA material for Ergo grip. That gives the grip foamy and cushiony texture and feel. This material dampens the vibration and provides comfort, especially if you suffer from tennis elbow.

Rating for grip: 9.3/10

Handle Stabilizer

Handle reinforcement strengthens the handle and makes it easy to move around in the court. You don’t have to worry about the damage and enjoy better playability.

Rating for handle: 8/10

Hybrid Hitting Surface

A hybrid hitting surface is the combination of graphite and composite. This feature allows a blend between power and control and comfort. If you want to balance your game between control and power shots and want stability, Head gravity can be your perfect choice.

Many professional players are using it due to this feature. They get to decide how to play every shot. On the contrary, this feature might not be the ideal one for beginners.

Rating for hitting surface: 8.3/10

Power Core with Large Sweet Spot

This technology uses a thicker but not very dense, 3/5 inches polypropylene core. It provides a soft and powerful feel when the ball hits the paddle.

With the largest sweet spot, this paddle becomes more forgiving and generous. Therefore, even when you miss the sweet spot, you will still get a good response.

A bigger sweet spot offers a better game and less chance of miss-hits, and that is why even beginners like playing with this paddle.

Rating for core: 8.5/10

Extreme 3D Spin

Head created extreme 3D spin using a tri-axial surface pattern engraved in the surface. These diagonal lines provide hold to your ball, and thus you can hit the target.

Many experienced players confuse their opponent with this. If you are one of them, go for it. However, novice players may find it a little unpredictable.

Rating for spin: 8.5/10

Paddle Shape and Design

Head Gravity is thicker than other Head paddles. It comes in a flip design with different colors on both sides. This feature makes these paddles attractive, and when you flip your paddle or change hands, the colors keep changing on your paddles. Opponents find it distracting.

The shape of Gravity paddles is very distinctive. The paddle spreads out towards the top and provides a lot of hitting surface area for players. Unlike Head Extreme Lite pickleball paddles, its edges are not cut, making it the widest paddle in Head’s collection.

Rating for shape and design: 9/10

About Head

HEAD has a very trusted reputation as requite, tennis and ski manufacturers, which caused them to succeed in the pickleball paddle industry.

They introduced new designs and shapes by incorporating their years of experience and modern tech into the pickleball paddles. The weight, body, and sizing make Head pickleball paddles so authoritative among their competitors.

Who Is Head Gravity For?

The Head Gravity series is designed for an advanced player, yet intermediate players also find it easy to use. It offers extra spin, a balance of power and control, and a more prominent sweet spot with a small handle. For anyone looking to improve their game or become a 4.5 pickleball player, this is a decent option.

Whether you are a power player or prefer control or suffer from some medical issues, Head Gravity got you covered. You can get lighter or heavier paddles as per your requirements and playing style.

However, if you are not ready to spend a lot of money and want something with similar features and a lower price, you should check other paddles from Head like Radical Pro Pickleball paddle.

Users’ Reviews

Most of the users find Head Gravity very suitable for their playing style. Players found it more textured than other Head paddles. Its weight option is also an attractive feature. Women love the Gravity Lite due to its vibrant colors (teal and lava).

Many pro 5.0 level players loved the feel, power, and control and how Gravity allows them to cut, slice and topspin the ball. They say that the enormous sweet spot and a comfortable handle are game-changers.

The only complaint few players have is the fast chipping paint of the paddle. However, users don’t find any change in the performance and proficiency of the paddle.

Still, this is something many players complain about. We believe that this is normal wear and tear of pickleball paddle and nothing serious.

What We Think Of Head Gravity

If you are looking for a paddle for professionals and useable in tournaments, you should not hesitate to buy it. Similarly, if you’re an intermediate player, looking to improve your game, the Head Gravity paddle is ideal for you. However, we suggest other paddles like Gamma Micron 2.0 pickleball paddle for beginners and recreational players.

It offers all the fantastic first-rate features and is manufactured using modern technology. Nothing can go wrong with this paddle, though it may take some time to get used to it.

If you think you need some more insight and help before deciding, you could check our complete guide on choosing a perfect paddle.

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