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Do Pickleball Paddles Matter? [Yes, Here’s Why]

Have you ever heard people say paddles don’t matter, but your skill does? I often hear this, and it makes me wonder if a soldier can win a battle without their weapons. Of course not.

Skills are important, yet, they come with practice and patience. But selecting a good paddle is the first step every player should take seriously.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or pro player doesn’t matter. You will always be lacking if you don’t know your gaming style, strengths, weaknesses, and a paddle that matches them. That’s why paddles matter.

This article covers the important aspects you should consider before buying a paddle. Let’s jump into it without delay.

Do Pickleball Paddles Matter?

Yes, choosing the right paddle matters. It will meet your needs and helps your game greatly. All paddles are different, as are all players. Lightweight paddles are for players who like to have more control and maneuverability. Similarly, heavy paddles generate more power and are best for players who love to have power over control.

But that is not all. Other factors that help the players to choose the right paddle are equally important. There are paddles with various shapes, sizes, materials, cores, grips, and technologies. Choosing what’s best for you matters to perform and win the game. Let’s see what these factors are.

Considerable Factors Before Picking The Pickleball Paddle

It is important to consider the following factors to buy a perfect paddle for yourself. To know more about these factors, check our ultimate guide.

Weight Of The Paddle

Paddle weight is the first and most important factor. It is divided into three categories:

  • Lightweight paddles: Under 7.3 oz
  • Mid-weight paddles: 7.3-8.2 oz
  • Heavyweight paddles – 8.3 oz and above

You choose the paddle weight according to your preference. If you need more control than power, choose a lighter paddle. It will allow you to place your shots very carefully. With light paddles, maneuvering becomes easy and quick, which is important in pickleball. 

However, if you are seeking power, go for heavier paddles. You may not have much control over the ball, but you will have enough power and drive to hit hard.

Materials Of The Paddle

Over the years, the paddle’s materials have completely evolved. We have come a long way from wooden paddles to more advanced Graphite and composite paddles.

It really matters a lot what material you choose. Different paddle materials have their advantages and disadvantages.


Wood is the very first material used to make paddles. Wooden paddles are durable and cheap, but they are heavy. The truth is, wooden paddles are not suitable for professional players.


These paddles are in high demand for various reasons. Composite paddles are good, not overly priced, and great for a serious competitive game. They are usually made of fiberglass and carbon fiber surfaces with a composite core.

The best part is their textured surface that allows players more spin. You can find composite paddles at various prices, from cheap to expensive. Also, they are available for all level players.


Graphite paddles are lightweight, durable, and easy to handle. They are excellent paddles, though a bit expensive compared to wood and composite. Graphite paddles are a wonderful choice for professional players who know their game. 

Shape Of The Paddle

The paddle’s shape matters a lot, so you should consider it before buying. All USAPA-approved paddles have the standard size of 24 inches. However, all players with different body types and playing styles need different paddle shapes. 

You will find three main shapes of paddles;

  • Widebody or standard paddles: they have 16 inches long and 8 inches wide body.
  • Elongated paddles are 17 inches long and have a narrow body.
  • Paddles with long handles have longer handles than standard or normal paddles; therefore, smaller bodies.

Grip Of The Paddle

If you are holding a paddle with a bigger grip, chances are you will get tired fast, or the paddle will fly out of your hand. Grip, bigger than your hands, is also not good for tennis elbow because it will intensify the injury.

If the paddle’s grip is small, you will move your wrist a lot. Spin and hand movement is also easy with a small grip. It’s important to get the proper size of the grip.

The best way to find a proper grip is by trying various paddles and feeling the grip in your hand. If checking various grips is impossible, always opt for a small grip size that you can upsize. 

Latest Technology

Over the years, new and innovative technology has changed the paddles. As a result, the game has drastically changed. You must recognize that the latest technology is another important consideration in choosing your paddle, which matters.

The core, face, materials, sizes, weight, body, handle, and even edge guard; technology has changed it all. Now we get durable paddles that give more spin, a large sweet spot, control, and power.

At What Stage Of Your Game Paddles Start To Matter?

Players should know at what stage of their game, paddles matter most. If you are a beginner player and need to gain basic experience with this game, you can start with any paddle. It really doesn’t matter.

However, if you are a 3.5-level player, you can look for a paddle that matches your playing style.

As an advanced player, your paddle matters a lot. At this level, you have established your style. You know if you like power, control, or spin. So you need a paddle that can help you win. You can’t take the risk of not having a perfect paddle.

The Bottom Line

In short, pickleball paddles do matter. You must consider many things: weight, material, shape, grip, and technology. Also, the paddle matters even more if you are a pro player.

The best thing you can do is check and try different paddles and brands. It will help you find the perfect paddle for you. And if ask for our recommendations, try these pickleball paddles.

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