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Is Pickleball A Fad? [No, Here’s Why]

With everyone purchasing pickleball paddles, it’s undeniable that pickleball has become a popular sport. Ranging from youngsters to adults and senior citizens, everyone enjoys the game because it’s easy to learn and gives the adrenaline rush that we all like.

Pickleball gained popularity with COVID-19 because everyone needed an escape while ensuring social distancing, right? This is pushing people to think if pickleball is a short-lived craze, or may we say, “fad.”

Honestly, it doesn’t seem like one, and we have our reasons to believe so. If you want to know the reasons, keep reading below!

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1. Building New Pickleball Courts

To begin with, when the craze for pickleball spiked during the pandemic, people started putting up nets on their lawns and parking lots. In fact, people started playing pickleball on tennis courts and basketball courts because there were no dedicated courts for pickleball.

Having said that, the Canadian and American governments and the local recreation centers have finally realized that Pickleball is not just a fad. They have fully embraced this boom and are now planning to build pickleball courts, which will be available for the public. 

2. It’s Been Around For Decades

Pickleball has its roots deep in history. The sport was founded as a backyard game by three friends during the summer of 1965.

Despite existing for more than six decades now, pickleball was recently recognized and named the official Washington state sport in 2022. Besides, there is a USA Pickleball Association out there that’s been in work since 2005. Also, there is an official rulebook launched by USAPA Rules Committee. And, let’s not forget that several pickleball tournaments are being played.

Now that, this sport is backed by the authorities and is being played by over 4.8 million people, it is highly unlikely that pickleball is just a fad.

3. Increasing Professionalization & Commercialization

Recently, Major League Pickleball joined the PPA and APP tours, which indicates that pickleball becoming a proper sport. In addition, the public country clubs have started hiring their own coaches to teach pickleball to the members.

Secondly, pickleball equipment manufacturing brands are emerging. Companies like Joola and Wilson which manufactured ping pong paddles and tennis racquets have started creating pickleball paddles. Hence, it is evident that pickleball is more than just a fad. 

4. Free Of Space Constraints

Pickleball is not only easy to play but can also be played in indoor or outdoor locations, which means anyone can play it wherever they want.

Even more, you don’t need a large area to play the game–one-half of a basketball court is enough to play pickleball. These factors make it an easy and playable sport for everyone.

Unlike many other sports, pickleball is not just restricted to professionals. In fact, the popularity of this sport gained momentum mostly because it is one of those games that can easily be played by a group of family and/or friends.

Moreover, pickleball has no age restriction, whatsoever. Anyone can play it-be it a 10-year-old or a 75-year-old. It’s safe to say that it has become a great source of entertainment for the young as well as old, making it an addictive recreational activity. 

On top of everything, pickleball is a healthy activity for old people as well. It’s not tough on joints, so it’s a great option for senior people with mobility issues.

Last but not least, it’s a suitable choice for someone who doesn’t want to play a high-impact sport. That’s because it’s easy on the joints as well as the muscles. Also, the balls don’t bounce very high, which means you don’t necessarily need to be in your best shape to play this sport.

6. Easy To Learn

Don’t we all hate when the sport’s rules are challenging to learn and recall? Well, pickleball is helping change the narrative as it’s easier to learn, and the rules are very simple.

In fact, if you’ve been playing ping pong or tennis for a while, you will be able to play pickleball quite easily, since it is very similar to these sports.

7. New Youth Programs

Pickleball is making its place in more and more youth programs and has been introduced in many schools – this is a big step in ensuring that pickleball remains popular.

With its increasing popularity, it might make its way to the Olympics. However, it’s important to note that pickleball is currently popular only in the USA, so it’s important to expand it to other countries before suggesting it for the Olympics. 

8. Affordability

For people who want to add regular exercise to their routine but don’t like going to the gym, pickleball is an easy choice. In addition, it’s pretty affordable, as the paddles can be purchased for as little as $30 and the balls cost less than $5.

Moreover, you don’t need to wear extensive accessories, such as gloves, shin guards, or helmets, making it further economical. 

Not to forget, you can play pickleball on public courts for free. Courts maintained by pickleball clubs are quite affordable too.

9. A Great Workout

Lastly, it turns out, athletes and workout enthusiasts are embracing pickleball because it’s a great workout. Usually, the players can burn as much as over 350 calories by playing for just an hour

The Bottom Line

At this point, it’s pretty clear that pickleball is really not just a fad. In fact, it is here to stay for good. Just like how snowboarding was banned by ski resorts a few decades ago, but now we all know they have their own dedicated slopes. And since pickleball has already become a professional sport, it is highly likely that it will coexist with badminton, tennis, and ping pong.

So now, tell us, have you purchased the pickleball paddles yet? If not, then go get them. We promise it won’t go to waste.

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