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Gamma Fusion Pro Pickleball Paddle Review: Worth Your Money?

Are you confused and indecisive about choosing the right paddle as a beginner? Is it hard to know what features to look for and what brand to go after? Well, You are not alone. It is easy to decide to play pickleball but hard to find the best paddle.

We know it, and that is why we are here to help you and make this selection process simple. As pickleball enthusiasts, we give our Gamma Fusion Pro pickleball paddle review.

In a hurry? We find Fusion Pro a good fit for beginners and intermediate players. But we’ll explain give a detailed review, explaining all features of Gamma Fusion Pro below. Let’s not wait and dive in.

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Gamma Fusion Pro Pickleball Paddle Review

GAMMA Sports 2.0 Micron Pickleball Paddle
  • MICRON 2.0 PADDLE: A midweight ~7.9 oz paddle 

Gamma Fusion Pro is a strong and sturdy paddle. It is a good choice for beginners at affordable prices and excellent features.

This paddle is a little wider, giving more surface to hit the ball and displaying a bigger sweet spot. With a 5-inch handle and 4 1/8 circumference cushioned grip, Gamma fusion pro is a mid-weight paddle (8.0 oz). It allows you the fast and efficient movement that you need in pickleball.

Its Polymer honeycomb core and fiberglass surface make it a balanced paddle for power and control. Gamma Fusion Pro has an edge guard to protect the internal structure of the paddle. It prevents any damage from scraping the floor or sudden falls.

Some players who prefer lighter paddles are not comfortable with this weight. However, we find mid-weight paddles ideal for beginners with no preference.


  • USAPA has approved this paddle.
  • The perfect paddle for beginners
  • It features a soft, comfortable grip.
  • Large paddle face with the bigger sweet spot


  • Not as durable
  • For some players, it doesn’t offer enough spin.

Notable Features of Gamma Fusion Pro and Rating

This detailed Gamma Fusion Pro review will highlight the features and their use in your game. We are also rating them, so you know what to expect.

Mid-Weight Paddle

The Gamma Fusion Pro weighs 8.0 oz, making it a medium-weight paddle. This is an ideal weight for beginners and intermediate players. While learning, players need the power to hit the ball and at the same time control.

Hence, Gamma Fusion Pro provides the right balance to beginners.
Players suffering from tennis elbow or any other issue can use it. Gamma Fusion Pro is also good for blocking the shots. Its weight also helps reduce noise, as lighter paddles are louder.

Polypropylene Honeycomb Core

It is not without the reason that most paddles have polymer cores. It is a soft and flexible material. Hence, it dampens the ball, but you will also get power for strong hits when you want to hit hard. Therefore, Gamma Fusion Pro has a great balance of power and control hits.

A mid-weight paddle with a polypropylene core is the reason it is a relatively quiet paddle. You can use this paddle without worry if you live in noise-restricted communities.
We rate it 8/10.

Honeycomb Cushioned Grip

Gamma Fusion Pro has a 4 1/8 inches honeycomb grip. Its cushioned grip provides comfort in long matches and relieves fatigue. The moisture-absorbing and breathable surface keep your hands dry even in humidity.

This grip size is ideal for medium-build players. The benefit of having a small grip is that you can always add tape to make it perfect for your hand size.

Rating for grip: 7/10

Handle Length

The 5 inches handle length of Gamma Fusion Pro is a great feature, especially for beginners. They can switch hands or use both hands for strong hits and backhands.

This length is also ideal if you shift from tennis to pickleball. You will feel familiar and comfortable with this length.
If you prefer a short handle, you can check Gamma Micron 2.0 also.

Fiberglass Hitting Surface

Gamma Fusion Pro has a fiberglass surface that makes it strong and provides spin.
It provides a balance of power, control, and spin to the beginner players and lets them experience it all.
We rate its surface 6/10.

USAPA Approved

Gamma Fusion pro is USAPA approved paddle. Therefore, it is a good paddle to start with if you intend to become a professional pickleball player or to take part in any competition.

About Gamma

Gamma brand was established in 1974 to make a number#1 string for tennis. With the growing popularity of the Pickleball game in America, Gamma decided to make paddles.

Their advanced knowledge of paddle materials and modern technology helped them become the leading edge in this industry. Gamma understands that a player has an undying need to keep growing and striving for the best. Thus, they are improving their technology to meet the needs of the players. Thanks to their diverse range of models, everyone can find a suitable Gamma paddle for themselves.

Gamma’s other paddles like Gamma Hellbender are also quite popular among intermediate to advanced-level players.

Who Is Gamma Fusion Pro For?

Gamma Fusion Pro is good for beginners and intermediate players. They enjoy the power and control of the paddle. As textured surface provides extra spin, players who love to spin the ball should go for this.

Beginners prefer a paddle with a big-hitting surface and a larger sweet spot. Gamma Fusion Pro has it all. It is square shape provides a big-hitting surface and is more forgiving. Players shifting from tennis to pickleball also prefer the paddle‘s longer handle and medium weight.

It’s a great paddle with a good blend of power and control and a quieter core.

User Reviews

Players love Gamma Fusion Pro due to its consistent response that lets them have a good game.
They are comfortable with the weight, grip, and handle size and enjoy the dampness and stability it provides. Many new players like that it is an inexpensive paddle with good features.

Few players find the mid-weight paddle hard to maneuver and heavy on muscles. However, it was not the case with the majority of players. If you want to know the right weight for you, read our article about ideal paddle weight.

Some advanced players found this paddle unsuitable for their needs. If you are an advanced player, you can check out these paddles.

What Do We Think of Gamma Fusion Pro

In our research, we found that players were mostly satisfied with Gamma Fusion Pro. Since it is available at a very affordable price, it’s popular among hobbyists and beginners.

It has decent features like polymer core and honeycomb grip with medium weight. Gamma Fusion Pro is a silent paddle. You can use it anywhere without worrying about others’ comfort.

However, intermediate or expert players should avoid this paddle, as it’s not made for them. We advise that they go for better paddles like Head Gravity.

Hope you found this review of Gamma Fusion Pro pickleball paddle helpful.

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